by Serpent's Tongue

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6 song ep, Vices


released March 12, 2012



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Serpent's Tongue Warsaw, Indiana

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Track Name: Giving In
Someone help me. ive lost myself again. Where the fuck is my head. Im losing hope. A constant, an Endless struggle.
Track Name: Faces and Revenge
Forgive me for thinking that you were real. I hope your life is a living hell. I hope every breath hurts more than the last. Here is every word written in blood. I HOPE YOUR LIFE IS A LIVING HELL
Track Name: Inside Out
There is a stranger living in my mirror. The reflection doesnt look like me anymore. But did i ever know who it really was. but did i ever know, what was on the inside. ILL DIG OUT MY EYES and turn them around. just to see. What i look like on the inside. ill knock out my teeth. but i wont do that. ill wear a mask to keep them out. But all ive done is hide me from myself.
Track Name: Anywhere but Here
I must be the common factor. I must be the reason why. everything i ever loved. ends up leaving me behind. you cant know how much. i want that to change. ive even been praying. but all hope is lost. everything keeps getting worse. ill throw my knees in the dirt. reach my hands to the sky. oh my god where are you now. does this ever work. i just want to change
Track Name: My Own Hand
The only thing i know, is that we all die. we all die. that is promised. death is promised. but it comforts me to know, that when i go. it will be on my own terms. ill choose my time. on my own terms
Track Name: Ender
The end of days. Im wearing thin. Too much to handle. Where to begin. SO THIS IS IT, NO IM NOT INSANE. MY HEAD HAS NEVER BEEN SO CLEAR. Im sorry mom, im sorry. I just cant go on like this.