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released December 14, 2012



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Serpent's Tongue Warsaw, Indiana

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Track Name: Bleeder
This is all you show. This is all you have to offer. A devil in disguise, but you don't fool me. The last to starve, but you'll be the first to bleed. You're the fucking first to bleed.
Track Name: Numb
I woke up today, but didn't move. Im starting to wonder if i mean anything to anyone. If my breath is wasted. What have i become? Where did i go wrong? I don't have much left to give.
Track Name: The Wasted
We are the wasted. We are, We are. Don't waste your breath on me. your life ill never see. So stand there in disbelief. This is all ill ever be. There is nothing you can do. Im on my own. Don't stick around. Ill let you down.
Track Name: Trustless / Loveless
Come on, Lets talk. You're not gonna like what i have to say. My mind is weak and its wandered off. So don't put your trust in me. I've never been a safe bet. Proven to hurt, give up on me. Proven to hurt, Im loveless. Give up on me, i'm trustless.
Track Name: Desolation
Never again, Never again. There is no grass left on my back. Just a worn out path, from a hundred second chances. Never again. This is, and always, will be your disease. This is your disease. Desolation, down to nothing. This is where a heart once made its home.